Michael Avenatti Proves Stupid Really Is As Stupid Does

If Michael Avenatti is going to shakedown a Fortune 500 company, he shouldn’t memorialize the stunt in a tweet. For all his brilliance, attorney Michael Avenatti – who represented porn star Stormy Daniels – has found himself in a legal mess that requires a whiteboard to explain. He’s been charged with three different felonies by […]

A Bitcoin Lightning Web Standard, Inspired By Ethereum, Is Gaining Steam

Sending bitcoin lightning payments over the web might soon get easier. That’s because a new bitcoin standard for simplifying lightning payments, the open-source WebLN standard, is gaining traction, now being used by Lightning Joule and Bluewallet, two of the more popular lightning wallets, as well as apps like Lightning Spin, to slim down the number […]

Could Bitcoin’s Recovering Hash Rate Signal that BTC is Gearing Up for a Massive Price Surge?

It’s no secret that the past year has been an arduous one for Bitcoin and the entire crypto markets, and despite posting a slight recovery from its 2018 lows, BTC’s current price action is still dismal to say the least, and any talk of an imminent price surge remains nothing more than speculation. Despite this, […]

How to Install a Crypto Widget on Your Website

For many businesses, startups in particular, the introduction of cryptocurrency features into their online platforms can bring tangible benefits. Integrating cryptocurrency payment options and providing market information about digital coins has the potential to attract customers from a community that favors fast and inexpensive electronic payments. Also read: Bitcoinmap.cash Helps You Find Places to Spend […]

Why Fake Volume Plague Could Actually Raise Odds of Bitcoin ETF

In March 2017, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) denied the first ever bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) proposal. Since then, many bitcoin ETF applications have been filed by nearly ten companies, and many of them have been rejected by the SEC for similar reasons. This week, in a presentation to the SEC, Bitwise revealed […]

Crypto Exchange OKEx Is Developing Its Own Blockchain Platform

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx is developing its own blockchain a decentralized exchanged, according to a blog post published on March 22. Per the post, OKEx has been developing its own blockchain dubbed “OKChain,” which is now purportedly in the final development stage. The company expects to put out a testnet in June of this year. OKChain […]

TRON Founder Justin Sun Probably Fakes Twitter Followers – BTCMANAGER

Justin Sun, founder of the TRON (TRX) blockchain project became the first individual crypto-focused account holder on Twitter to exceed the 1 million followers threshold earlier in March 2019. However, a report published by TrustNodes on March 24, 2019, has pointed out that Sun might have played a bit dirty to achieve this feat. Not […]

Amaury Sechet Makes His Exit from Bitcoin Unlimited

Bitcoin Cash developer Amaury Sechet has left the Bitcoin Unlimited organization. He joined the company during the contentious days of 2017 because the Bitcoin Core fork was entertaining alternative implementations of Bitcoin, such as those with blocks larger than one megabyte. Bitcoin Unlimited was founded initially along the same lines as Gavin Andresen’s failed Bitcoin Classic […]

CME Group CEO: The Biggest Obstacle for Crypto is Regulators

The chairman and CEO of CME Group has stated that financial regulators will be unlikely to give a nod to crypto and are much more likely to approve of digital currencies backed by existing fiat currencies. Terry Duffy also said that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin will need such a regulatory green light for the industry […]

Apple Announces New Services; Will They Help Its Ailing Stock?

Tech giant Apple is bringing new programs and services to the table. Through a livestream hosted by CEO Tim Cook, audiences were introduced to Apple News+, an extension of the already popular Apple News. Apple News+ will bring over 300 magazines to users, covering topics like entertainment, news, politics and travel. Users will receive personalized […]