Next Bitcoin Bull Run Will Be First Cycle Supported By Established Financial Firms

During the last Bitcoin bull run and crypto hype bubble peak, the industry struggled to keep up with the overwhelming demand. Exchanges had no choice but to shut down new user registrations, and new user accounts began being sold on the black market for full Bitcoins as eager retail investors scrambled to buy into the […]

Bitcoin Analyst Destroys Mr. Wonderful After Shark Tank Star Slams Crypto

By CCN: When it comes to ignorant allegations about bitcoin, Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary took the cake this week, managing to hit every wrong button in trying to bash the suddenly-resurgent cryptocurrency. Kevin O’Leary: Bitcoin a ‘Scam’ & ‘Total BS’ O’Leary, also known as “Mr. Wonderful,” tried to debate bitcoin enthusiast Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano on […]

Shocking! NFL Teams Punt on Player Demands to Be Paid in Bitcoin

By CCN: NFL teams are getting pressure to pay their players in bitcoin, but so far they haven’t budged. It’s unclear why they would push back against a policy that would not only slash costs for the organization but would give NFL players an opportunity to begin saving and growing their earnings before retirement. Morgan […]

Bitcoin Is Volatile but It’s Not Dead

By CCN: Don’t believe the hype. Gene Simmons may promote many things, but he doesn’t go near anything unless he has an “emotional connection,” to it, he once told CNBC. Apparently, bitcoin is near and dear to his heart and the crypto winter didn’t freeze him out. Simmons was among those in attendance at a […]

Bitcoin’s Unbelievable 457% Two-Year Returns Leave the Dow in the Dust

By CCN: Bitcoin’s year-to-date returns of nearly 50% aren’t too shabby. But if you’d have invested in bitcoin two years ago, you would be sitting on a return of more than 457%. Morgan Creek Digital Co-Founder Anthony Pompliano did the back-of-the-napkin math. He proved that there’s a new sheriff in town, even in the face […]

Bitcoin ROI Beats Them All

Bitcoin has blindsided bankers and brokers alike, due to its ability to bring substantial and unheard of returns on investments made in the new, emerging financial technology. It’s been compared to a number of other financial assets, including tech stocks, and has been positioned as the digital version of gold. However, returns made on other […]

Crypto Influencer Trumpets May 1st Delisting For Ultimate Bitcoin SV Knockout

Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: “CCN+Hacked”. Sign up here. Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the […]

Major US Grocery Chain Kroger Ditches Visa, Discusses Accepting Bitcoin

Major US grocery chain Kroger recently banned Visa from a regional supermarket in protest of the payment processor’s “excessive transaction fees,” announcing that hundreds of stores and fueling stations would halt Visa payments in April. However, the story has taken a surprising turn, with Kroger representatives reportedly considering Bitcoin’s Lightning Network as one potential alternative […]

Virginia Police Department Reveals Why its Pension Fund is Betting on Bitcoin

Fairfax County, Virginia has targeted part of its pension fund toward investments in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry, as well as blockchain technology in general. Now, they’re explaining why. Fairfax County Retirement Systems Director Jeff Weiler published a post in response to CCN and other media’s reporting on the county’s decision to invest in Morgan […]

Two US Public Pension Funds Back New $40 Million Crypto VC

Two American public sector pension funds have reportedly backed a new cryptocurrency industry venture capital fund with a large tranche of a combined $40 million investment. The deal is being hailed as a show of confidence in the field from some of the most conservative types of investment managers. Also Read: In the Daily: New […]