3 Crypto Charts That Prove Bitcoin Is About to Bleed Market Share

By CCN: “Alt season” is one of the most profitable phases of the cryptocurrency market cycle. It is a period when all altcoins – from large-cap to small-cap – go through exponential growth, often at the expense of bitcoin. We experienced this phenomenon early this year, until bitcoin’s parabolic rise over the last few weeks […]

Bitcoin Price Profits 153% on Average After 30% Drops, Buys Ahead: Analyst

By CCN: Throughout the past three years, the bitcoin price has demonstrated relatively large pullbacks averaging 30 percent following a large upside rally. $BTC 30%+ pullback coming? Yes, eventually. If history repeats, there should be plenty of strong pullbacks on the way to next peak ATH There were at least nine 30%+ pullbacks from last […]

Bet on Bitcoin for Better Returns Than US Stocks, Insists Wall Street Veteran

By CCN: On CNBC’s Fast Money, Morgan Creek Digital founder and CEO Mark Yusko, said that bitcoin makes a great diversifying asset in a stocks portfolio and that every investor should invest in the dominant cryptocurrency. Hedge fund vet @MarkYusko says bitcoin is a better bet than stocks. pic.twitter.com/mbnwGJUmNi — CNBC’s Fast Money (@CNBCFastMoney) May […]

Bitcoin Price Roars Loud but Could Quickly Unravel to 30% Plunge: Analyst

By CCN: Josh Rager, a cryptocurrency trader and technical analyst, expects a healthy pullback for bitcoin based on the historical performance of the asset in the past three years. Since 2016, the bitcoin price has tended to correct by 30 to 40 percent following a strong short-term rally. The bitcoin price is up nearly $3,000 […]

Bitcoin Miners are Hoarding, Demand Is Rising

By CCN: Now that the bitcoin price is holding at the $8,000 level, investors are anxiously awaiting what comes next. Bitcoin’s value has expanded by 50% over the last 30 days, but the bulls are currently taking a breather and momentum appears to have stalled. Crypto fund manager Brian Kelly on CNBC provided some anecdotal […]

This Painfully Boring CNBC Crypto Debate Is Bullish as Hell for Bitcoin

By CCN: If you’re looking for reasons behind bitcoin’s recent price surge, this video tells the whole story. Because it’s so completely dull. Has bitcoin gone too far, too fast? Here’s how two traders are thinking about bitcoin futures. via @CNBCFuturesNow https://t.co/StSHvYGYD9 pic.twitter.com/aHKgt62GNe — CNBC (@CNBC) May 22, 2019 The two established analysts with decades […]

Owning Bitcoin Legal Despite Govt Trading Ban, Says Bank of China Council

By CCN: According to Sa Xiao, a Council Member at the Bank of China’s Law Research Association, it is legal for individuals to own bitcoin in China despite the government’s blanket ban on trading. CnLedger, a recognized crypto news source based in China, said: ‘It is legal to own bitcoins in China’ says Sa Xiao, […]

Bitcoin Price Blitzed $20,000, 13 Days After it Last Closed at $8,300; Déjà Vu?

By CCN: Year-to-date, the bitcoin price has surged by 113 percent in a stunning recovery, achieving $8,000 in merely six months after plunging to $3,150 in December 2018. Although bitcoin experienced extreme volatility in recent days, it’s up significantly in 1 month (source: coinmarketcap.com) As said by Thomas Lee, a co-founder at Fundstrat Global, bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Will Die if These 4 Problems Remain Unsolved: Teen Crypto Millionaire

By CCN: Teenage bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman has once again thrown himself into the spotlight by claiming that the flagship cryptocurrency ‘will die’ unless the sticky issues it is facing are resolved. Speaking to Yahoo Finance, Finman indicated that the sticky issues plaguing Bitcoin are four. This includes its complexity with regards to use, high […]

Mainstream Business Journalist Foolishly Warns Bitcoin Is Going to Zero

By CCN: Didn’t the “60 Minutes” segment on bitcoin teach the mainstream media anything? New York Post columnist John Crudele is railing against cryptocurrencies. More specifically, he’s rehashing an outdated argument in an article entitled: “Bitcoin Will Soon Be Worth Zero.” His reason for sounding the alarm is simple: “Last Thursday night bitcoin crashed by […]