Unstoppable Domains Set to Auction 60 Blockchain-based Domains

Unstoppable Domains, a software firm that builds blockchain-based domains which host uncensorable websites, has released a list of 60 .zil domains it plans to auction off on June 27, 2019, according to a press release on June 17, 2019. The 60 Most Watched Domains As stated in its press release, the San Francisco-based startup Unstoppable […]

Blockchain Projects in the EU to Benefit from Publicly Available Data 

The Council of European Union, the institution representing the member states’ government, has implemented new rules that will promote the use of publicly held data. These will include real-time datasets pertaining to weather and transportation and will be in blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) projects to foster digital innovation across the European Union (EU), reports […]

100 Japanese Firms Adopt Blockchain Technology for Data Sharing  

In a bid to bolster performance and improve efficiency, 100 Japanese manufacturers, including industry lead Mitsubishi Electric, have agreed to use distributed ledger technology (DLT) in sharing production data, according to a Nikkei report on June 17, 2019.   Strategic Blockchain Collaboration   Per sources close to the matter, Japanese multinational Mitsubishi Electric, Yaskawa Electric, […]

Nevada Governor Signs Multiple Blockchain-Focused Bills

Nevada has passed several distributed ledger technology (DLT) related bills to boost blockchain investment in the state. This according to a report by Coindesk, published June 14, 2019. Establishing a Fintech-Focused Regulatory Sandbox In a bid to create a conducive environment for blockchain businesses, the state of Nevada has passed many significant bills that are […]

IBM, Walmart, KPMG, and Merck Join Forces to Track Drug Supply

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched a pilot blockchain-based program to help track pharmaceuticals from manufacturer to consumer. IBM, Walmart, KPMG, and Merck are the companies involved in the project according to a Reuters report from June 13, 2019.  Compliant Drug Supply Chain from Industry Heads The companies have been carefully chosen based on […]

Layer 2 Blockchain Scaling Platform Matic Teams up with Chainlink

In a Medium post published on June 12, 2019, layer two blockchain scaling platform Matic Network (MATIC) announced its partnership with decentralized oracle platform startup Chainlink. Scalability with Smart Contracts Matic Network, a decentralized layer two blockchain scaling solution that uses a Plasma-powered sidechain network and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus protocol to secure digital assets, is […]

Discovery Network Testnet Goes Live on Enigma; Launch “Secret Contracts”

Privacy startup Enigma announced on June 11, 2019, the release of the Discovery Network Testnet for developers. The startup tested the Discovery Network privately for the last three months. They have now released the code on Github to allow anyone to begin developing so-called “secret contracts,” which are similar to smart contracts with the key difference […]

Tezos Foundation Hires PwC Blockchain Expert Roman Schnider

Roman Schnider is the co-creator of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Switzerland’s blockchain initiative and is now reportedly joining the Tezos Foundation as CFO according to a post from the Foundation.  Foundation Board Strengthens Operations Team in Zug After having worked for 15 years at PwC in various roles including investment banking specialist and having launched the department […]

Dai Stablecoin Now an In-Game Currency for Axie Infinity

Maker, the firm behind the Dai stablecoin, has partnered with the crypto-collectible online battle game, Axie Infinity. The move brings Dai to a vastly expanding videogame in which players “breed, raise, battle, and collect” digital pets called “Axies.” This according to an official blog post from Maker, June 10, 2019. Battle on the Blockchain Axie […]

American Retailer Target to Launch Open Source Blockchain for Supply Chains

In May 2018, Target Corporation, the eighth largest retailer in the United States, began working on an open source blockchain project for supply chain tracking called ConsenSource. According to a post released by Joel Crabb, the retail giant will also support the Hyperledger Grid, a project initiated in large part by Cargill, one of the […]