Max Keiser Says ‘Stack Satoshis,’ Bitcoin to Beat All Asset Classes

By CCN: Broadcaster Max Keiser is a noted bitcoin bull. The host of the Keiser Report on media channel RT is well-known for his $100,000 bitcoin price forecast, telling the world time and again to keep accumulating the digital currency because it is on its way to hitting six figures. Keiser doubled down on his […]

Novogratz: Facebook Integral To Crypto, Bitcoin Won’t Get Hurt By “Globalcoin”

At long last, some of the world’s largest companies are delving into on crypto and related technologies. The past weeks have seen news arise that some of the world’s largest institutions in TD Ameritrade and Fidelity continue to scale into Bitcoin. What’s also important is that giants of the technology world also continue to foray […]

Fidelity Is Really In Love With Bitcoin: Texas Office Filled With Crypto ASICs

Many cynics say that institutions and other big names in the corporate world aren’t in Bitcoin (BTC) or crypto assets yet. But, this is quickly being proven not to be the case. In a recent tweet, a Bitcoin developer and industry insider revealed that one of the biggest names on Wall Street has and continues […]

All Eyes Are on $8,200 as Bitcoin Continues Consolidating in Lower $8,000 Region

Despite incurring some upwards momentum over the past couple of days, Bitcoin has continued to struggle to break above its current resistance levels that exist in the lower $8,000 region, and its lack of buying pressure could signal that further downwards pressure is imminent. Analysts are now closely watching a relatively tight range between $8,200 […]

Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver Destroys Lightning Faithful Tone Vays in Debate

By CCN: Let me start by saying I’m undecided on the issue of blockchain scaling. I think both camps make valid points. The day that Bitcoin Cash launched was the logical resolution of a drawn-out war which would never have ended otherwise. Tone Vays Can’t Make Up His Mind That being said, I watched this […]

Crypto Tidbits: AT&T Accepts Bitcoin, Grayscale Ethereum Trust Launches Publicly, Binance Margin Inbound

Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits. The past week saw not much happen in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin (BTC) traded relatively flat, save for a few bouts of major volatility, and other digital assets followed suit. Some altcoins, however, saw a helluva week. Binance Coin, Chainlink, and Litecoin come to mind first. The cryptocurrency […]

Crypto Bulls Wrestle Back Control of BNB after Binance’s $40 Million Hack

By CCN: Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in terms of volume, suffered a massive blow on May 7 when hackers ran away with 7,000 bitcoins. At the time, the total haul was valued at roughly $40 million. Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao was quick to reassure their user base by stating that the exchange will cover […]

Chinese Billionaire’s Son Bets Big on Blockchain-Based Gaming, But Will Players Take to It?

Over the past decade the gaming industry has been on the up-and-up, incurring massive popularity amongst a diverse array of users, while simultaneously churning out immense profits for developers, publishers, and platforms that allow users to interact with game’s most popular players – like the Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch. Much like the gaming industry, the […]

‘Bitcoin Will Disappear,’ Craig Wright Rants in Blistering ‘Satoshi’ Manifesto

By CCN: Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright published a blistering manifesto that argues bitcoin (BTC) will eventually disappear because it’s being used to facilitate criminal activity. And that perverts “his” original vision for the cryptocurrency. For reference, Wright has repeatedly claimed that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of bitcoin. Civil War Erupts Between Warring […]

Bitcoin Expert Jeff Garzik Exposes Crypto’s ‘Economic Paradox’

By CCN: Early Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik revealed what he believes is the most daunting challenge the flagship cryptocurrency faces today. He also chimed in on the “economic paradox” that threatens to stifle Bitcoin development. Bitcoin’s Biggest Hurdle? Scaling. Scaling. Scaling. Speaking in an exclusive interview with CCN, Jeff Garzik, who was one of Satoshi […]