Indian Startup Launches Crypto Trading Strategy Marketplace

An Indian startup has launched a marketplace for algorithmic trading strategies. Investors can choose a strategy based on factors such as past performance, cryptocurrencies invested, and time frames. The platform also offers a drag-and-drop tool for traders to build their own strategies without writing code. talked to the company’s CEO to find out more […]

South African Raking in $155,000 a Day Suspected of Running a Ponzi Scheme

A South African man running a Bitcoin investment fund in KwaZulu- Natal is suspected to be running a Ponzi scheme, as early investors have seen huge returns. The man was unwilling to talk to local media about his business plan and he how generates returns for his customers. His lavish lifestyle and police escorts spin […]

Facebook Releases Libra Cryptocurrency Whitepaper; Crypto Community Reacts

On June 18, 2019, Facebook released the whitepaper of its highly-anticipated Libra cryptocurrency project, which is tipped to transform the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry forever. Libra Whitepaper According to the technical document, “Libra” will operate on Facebook’s in-house blockchain network called “Libra blockchain.” The social media giant’s cryptocurrency will supposedly be backed by a reserve […]

Policymakers Meet to Finalize Global Crypto Guidance – A Look at Standards G20 Supports

The Financial Action Task Force has kicked off its meeting to discuss global cryptocurrency regulations which the G20 countries have committed to follow. Meanwhile, the crypto industry has raised concerns regarding some recommendations, and a meeting has been set up to coincide with the G20 summit to influence policymakers. Also read: G20 Starts Crypto Discussions […]

Derivative Guide: Choosing the Right Contract Based on Trading Strategy

Financial markets have a plethora of derivative contracts that each serve their own distinct purpose. Futures and options are widely known contract standards that run on exchanges, but most forex traders are more familiar with CFD’s – an easier way to leverage yourself in the market without the strict funding requirements as options and futures. […]

South Korean Crypto Exchanges Update Terms of Service

Exciting times for South Korean bitcoin and altcoin investors as five local exchanges including Bithumb have revised their terms of service to make it possible for traders to get duly compensated should there be an unforeseen circumstance that leads to loss of funds, even if the security breach is not as a result of negligence […]

BlockTower Hosts Competition to Find Hidden Crypto Talent

Cryptocurrency fund BlockTower is launching a competition where analysts can submit their investment thesis for a chance to win 3.5 BTC and get an interview for an analyst position at the fund’s Connecticut office, June 15, 2019. Robust Investment Factors The BlockTower analyst competition invites participants residing in the US to submit an investment thesis […]

Coinbase Bitcoin Custodial Service Aiming to Hit $2 Billion in Assets

Coinbase Custody, the blockchain-based digital assets custodian that claims to function as a standalone, independent-capitalized business to Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, has revealed via a tweet on June 13, 2019, that it currently holds nearly $1.5 billion in cryptoassets under custody and it’s working hard to up that number to $2 billion by the end of […]

Indian Crypto Community Petitions Government for Regulation

Following widespread reports of the upcoming Indian cryptocurrency bill, the crypto community has started a petition for the government to quickly implement a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. In addition, a television network operated by the Upper House of the Indian Parliament has aired a program discussing the bill, and three Right to Information requests have […]

Markets Update: Crypto Prices Surge After Last Week’s Pullback

Digital currency markets have regained some of the losses they endured last week, with the entire cryptoconomy now valued at $275 billion this Saturday. Most cryptocurrencies are up in value between 2-8% today but global trade volumes have tapered off with only $63 billion swapped in the last 24 hours. Also read:’s Local Bitcoin […]