Tesla Could Miss Model 3 Delivery Targets. Here’s Why It’s Not Shocking

Published: 18/06/2019 18:45 EST. Journalist: By CCN Markets: After Elon Musk announced that he was cracking the whip on Tesla employees to hit unrealistic quarterly delivery targets, a document leak suggests that target will not be met, according to Business Insider. This comes as a surprise to nobody. Overpromising and Under-Delivering, as Usual After boasting […]

Tesla Stock Mysteriously Jumps after Elon Musk Tweets to ‘Delete Twitter’

Published: 18/06/2019 04:26 EST. Journalist: By CCN Markets: Skepticism was the response on Monday as news spread that Elon Musk had deleted his Twitter account. The problem is the account of the Tesla and SpaceX CEO still appeared active some 18 hours later. On CNBC’s Fast Money Monday, analysts discussed Musk’s move possibly being the […]

Tesla Bull Says Stock Will Rise 133% by This Time Next Year

By CCN Markets: Despite the performance of Tesla’s stock this year, there’s no shortage of TSLA bulls. Even though the stock has lost around 25% of its market cap year-to-date, Alexander Haissl of Berenberg told CNBC he is looking for a price target of $500. The stock is currently hovering at $214. “We maintain our […]

Elon Musk Spreads FOMO with California Tax-Infused Tesla Sales Pitch

By CCN Markets: Elon Musk is bringing the FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out. The Tesla CEO tweeted out a reminder that federal tax credits for buying a Tesla will drop by half on July 1. He pointed out in another tweet that EV buyers in California will still have the Golden State’s $2,500 tax […]

Brad Pitt in Elon Musk-Like Move Backs Nuclear Power Startup

By CCN Markets: Hollywood movie star Brad Pitt has reportedly invested in a “cold fusion” startup dubbed Industrial Heat, The Financial Times reports. Joining him for the capital venture into futuristic clean energy are Laurene Powell Jobs and English fund manager Neil Woodford. Incidentally, Pitt plays a Hollywood stunt double in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film, […]

Elon Musk Wants Teslas to Be Fun with Games, Says Self Driving Is Hard

By CCN Markets: Elon Musk never said that self-driving was going to be easy. The Tesla CEO was featured in an interview at the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo with Geoff Keighley and video game designer Todd Howard in Los Angeles. Musk confronted everything from games inside Tesla vehicles to space travel to the speed of […]

Tesla Stock Dumps Because the Market Is Calling Elon Musk’s Bluff

By CCN Markets: Tesla has given investors a torrid time on the stock market so far this year. Shares of the Elon Musk-led company have crashed close to 37% so far in 2019 even though the billionaire CEO has been trying hard to pump the stock through his wild claims. Somehow, Tesla stock started picking […]

Tesla Stock Should be Slashed 50% with Elon Musk to Blame, Rips Analyst

By CCN Markets: Tesla stock is wildly over-valued and should be cut in half, according to Robert Medd of Bucephalus Research. Despite falling 35 percent in 2019 already, Medd believes Tesla stock has much further to crash. According to an interview with CNBC, he said Elon Musk is to blame for misleading investors over demand […]

Elon Musk Once Believed Tesla Would Fail. He Was Almost Right

By CCN: There are two ways to catch a con man like Tesla’s Elon Musk: look at his previous statements and look at his current statements. The obvious lies are the current ones. The juicier and more damning ones are things said or thought years ago that come to light. Elon Musk Admits He Once […]