Spanish Mining Startup to Return $68 Million Raised During ICO

Spanish cryptocurrency mining startup CryptoSolarTech will return $68 million raised during its initial coin offering (ICO). A screenshot of an official letter sent to investors was posted on Twitter Wednesday, Feb. 20 by Spanish IT lawyer Sergio Carrasco. CryptoSolarTech apparently aimed to build a crypto mining facility powered by solar energy in Southern Spain, but […]

Crypto Mining Scam Uncovered in Thailand – BTCMANAGER

Over 30 people have come forward to the police after being scammed by a supposed crypto mining scheme that promised a 70 percent return on investment, the Bangkok Post reports on February 18, 2019. Mining for Money In the world of blockchain, it seems like it is another day, another scam. Just a few days […]

Sparkpool to Freeze Mysterious 2,100 Ether Mining Payout for Now

Cryptocurrency mining pool Sparkpool has said it is temporarily freezing a mysterious 2,100 ether payment it received Tuesday and is waiting for the sender to reach out for a solution. The transaction was received as an apparent reward for mining just one block on the ethereum blockchain, but the amount is roughly 600 times the […]

Bitmain Announces BM1397 Chip with 28.6 Percent Improvement in Power Consumption – BTCMANAGER

In a blog post published February 18, 2019, the Chinese cryptocurrency mining juggernaut Bitmain announced the launch of their next generation 7nm ASIC chip, named BM1397. The new chip facilitates faster and more economical mining for cryptocurrencies that use the SHA256 algorithm for computation of mathematical problems. Energy Efficient BM1397| Bitmain Technologies’ new BM1397 chip […]

Microsoft Finds and Boots Eight Cryptojacking Apps on Microsoft Store – BTCMANAGER

Microsoft has booted eight malevolent apps from its official desktop and app store that have been secretly mining monero (XMR) from unsuspecting computers. Researchers from Symantec discovered the eight malicious apps and informed Microsoft who took the necessary steps. Apps Worked in a Similar Fashion According to the official report from the researchers, an unknown […]

Inside Nvidia’s Difficult Relationship With Mining

On Feb. 14, California-headquartered gaming and computer hardware manufacturer Nvidia reported full-year revenue gains in 2018, despite being one of the companies worst hit by the cryptocurrency market dip and subsequent lack of demand for mining components. The firm’s main products include graphics processing units (GPU), among others, which became widely purchased by miners during […]

Financial Firm Offers ‘Almost Instantaneous’ Loans Up to $30,000 With Crypto as Collateral

A financial company is giving crypto holders the opportunity to take out cash loans while using their digital assets as collateral. YouHodler — whose name is inspired by the term “HODL” — says its product gives the community a way of accessing money without selling their investments. The platform offers loans from $100 to up to […]

Mining Giant Bitmain Posts $500 Million Loss in IPO Financial Filing

Mining hardware giant Bitmain lost about $500 million in the third quarter of 2018 amid an overall bearish market for cryptocurrency, CoinDesk has learned. The Beijing-based company recently provided an update on its financial results to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx), which is reviewing Bitmain’s application for an initial public offering (IPO) first filed in […]

Alleged Bitcoin Mining Scam Reported in Thailand

Victims of an alleged cryptocurrency mining scam have filed claims against the suspected perpetrator with the Technology Crime Suppression Division in Thailand, the Bangkok Post reports on Feb. 18. Per the report, 30 people have filed a complaint with police, stating that they were fooled into an alleged investment scam called “CryptoMining.Farm.” This purportedly led […]

Bitmain Announces New 7nm Bitcoin Mining Chip With 29% More Efficiency

On Feb. 18, mining rig manufacturing giant Bitmain Technologies announced its next-generation 7nm ASIC chip for mining SHA-256 cryptocurrencies like BTC and BCH. According to Bitmain, the mining chip, called the BM1397, is more efficient when mining proof of work (PoW) coins and the new chips will be installed in the latest Antminer series of […]