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Coming every Sunday, the Hodler’s Digest will help you track every single important news story that happened this week. The best (and worst) quotes, adoption and regulation highlights, leading coins, predictions, and much more — a week on Cointelegraph in one link. Top Stories This Week Copyright Registrations Do Not Recognize Craig Wright as Satoshi […]

BCH May Have Sustained $1.3 Million+ Double Spend: BitMex Research

Following its hard fork on May 15, bitcoin cash (BCH) appears to have experienced a two-block chain reorganization resulting in a 3,392 BCH (about $1.35 million at press time) double spend. The claim was made in a report released by the research arm of cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMex on May 24. Per the report, the […]

Two Miners Purportedly Execute 51% Attack on Bitcoin Cash Blockchain

Two miners have reportedly executed a 51% attack on the bitcoin cash (BCH) blockchain, according to tweets by Cryptoconomy Podcast host Guy Swann on May 24. A 51% attack occurs when someone controls the majority of mining power on a Proof-of-Work blockchain network. This means that the majority block verifier can prevent other users from […]

Monero Developers Consider Adopting New Proof-of-Work Algorithm in October

Privacy-centric cryptocurrency monero (XMR) plans to switch to a new proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm in October. The new algorithm follows an agreement with permanent storage network Arweave, which will fund an audit of the new algorithm, an Arweave spokesperson told Cointelegraph via email on May 23. Arkweave said that monero will be the first to use […]

How Québec’s Industrial History Is Making Way for Bitcoin Mining

The technical infrastructure of the Canadian province has been in place since the turn of the century. And much like several states from its border partner just South, many of these relics of the industry are going to waste. Electricity plants, coal mines, and the like are thus being reimagined as large scale cryptocurrency mining […]

Upcoming Supply Cut Will See Bitcoin Prices Rise Further, Brian Kelly Predicts

An upcoming supply cut could help bitcoin (BTC) prices rise further in the coming months, crypto fund manager Brian Kelly told CNBC on May 21. Speaking to the Fast Money program, he explained that “the halvening,” next due to take place in 2020, will see mining rewards cut in half. With many miners now hoarding BTC, Kelly predicted that […]

Australian Worker Faces Jail Term for Illegal Bitcoin Mining  

Despite the fact that the price of bitcoin and other digital assets are just trying to recover from the winter of 2018, the crypto fever remains as hot as ever. Now, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have charged a 33-year-old Sydney man for illegally mining cryptos with the federal government agency’s computers, reports local news […]

Firefox Quantum Offers Anti-Cryptojacking Feature

Firefox Quantum, the latest version of open-source internet browser Firefox, has a new privacy toggle that protects against cryptojacking, according to a blog post by Mozilla on May 21. Mozilla previously warned official blog post that websites can deploy scripts that launch a crypto miner on a user’s machine without them being aware — a […]

Police Arrest Dutch Cryptocurrency CEO in Rumored $25 Million Fraud Case

Disclaimer. This article has been updated to change the amount involved in the fraud case, as it was misreported in an English version of a Dutch article on the subject. Dutch police have arrested a former entrepreneur for fraud after alleging he conned investors in a fake bitcoin (BTC) mining operation out of €23 million ($25 […]

Australian Government Employee Faces Court for Misusing Government IT Systems to Mine Crypto

An Australian government employee will reportedly face court today over his alleged misuse of government IT systems to mine cryptocurrency for personal gain. The news was announced by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) on May 21. The AFP alleges that the 33-year old man, whose name was not disclosed, used his access as an IT […]