What is Driving The Rally and How Long Will it Last?

In the past 3 weeks, the valuation of the crypto market has increased by more than $22 billion from $111 billion to $123 billion. Source: Coinmarketcap.com There is no shortage of technical charts, indicators, analysts and observers trying to predict where crypto markets and Bitcoin will go next. They are far more volatile than traditional […]

Will Bitcoin Block Size Reduction Argument Cause Another Crypto Conflict?

Things have been busy in crypto land this week and the big debate over Bitcoin’s block size has only just been usurped by JP Morgan’s attempt to launch its own completely centralized crypto coin. The block size issue is an important one so we’ll delve a little deeper into that. Another Crypto Conflict Imminent? Bitcoin […]

JP Morgan Launches Pale Imitation of the “Fraud” that is Bitcoin

Multinational investment bank JP Morgan has announced that it will launch its own cryptocurrency of sorts. The so-called JPM Coin will bring some of the benefits of Bitcoin to some of the users of the bank JPM Coin will be built on a private blockchain, be backed by fiat currency, and be exclusive to JP […]

Bitcoin’s Social Contract Must Be Resilient to the Whims of Future Generations

Over the last few years, infighting and different visions has led to significant divides within the Bitcoin community, weakening the network effects no matter which chain you support. With all the arguments about scaling, privacy, consensus changes and the various forks, it is amazing that these public networks are still thriving. Nevertheless, the people who […]

No, The Boss of Bitcoin Isn’t Dead, but You Can’t Call Him Either

It has been 10 years now since Bitcoin (BTC) was first created. The original cryptocurrency has existed for all this time with minimal changes to its code base and zero adjustments to its governance model. Why then is it so hard for some in the mainstream media to develop even a basic understanding of Bitcoin? Just […]

QuadrigaCX Reportedly Didn’t Lose Access to Bitcoin Funds

QuadrigaCX, a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, is in serious trouble – its customers cannot access $150 million worth of crypto funds after the owner and CEO, Gerald Cotton, died of Crohn disease in Jaipur, India. He was the only individual who had access to the”cold wallet reserves.” The exchange reached out to Nova Scotia Supreme Court […]

Major Banks are 3,233% More Expensive Than Bitcoin

A financial professional paid $10 to his bank for making more than six saving withdrawals. Later, he admitted that using Bitcoin could have been cheaper. Short the Bankers Pat Chirchirillo, a financial advisor at Philadelphia-based McAdam Financial, found a 3,233% different between the cost of withdrawals in banks and Bitcoin. From the look of it, […]

Critics Say Bitcoin is Like Tech Stocks, Why Experts Disagree and it is More Like Gold

Since Bitcoin (BTC) seemingly lost its value proposition as a form of digital cash, investors have searched high and low, doing their utmost best to determine what defines the world-renowned cryptocurrency. While the search hasn’t produced any definitive results or conclusions, a discussion has begun to mount regarding Bitcoin’s status as the second coming of gold, […]

Naval: Killer App of Crypto is Socialism, Venezuela is a Prime Example

The killer application of crypto is socialism, said Naval Ravikant. The killer app for crypto is Socialism. — Naval (@naval) January 26, 2019 The prominent entrepreneur, who co-founded AngelList, a website dedicated to matching startups with investors, emphasized the use case of crypto at a time when socialism is failing in Venezuela. However, he didn’t […]

Venezuela Denied Access to Overseas Gold: This is Why Bitcoin is Important

As part of an international effort to wrest power from Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, the Bank of England has denied the nation access to gold deposits stored with the institution. Such instances highlight just why a permissionless store of value like Bitcoin is important on both the global and personal level. Several members of the […]