NYPost Columnist Asks Donald Trump to Investigate Bitcoin Manipulation

A New York Post columnist has asked the United States, the European Union, and Chinese authorities to investigate who is behind the price manipulation in the bitcoin market. Finance journalist John Crudele wrote that bitcoin is nothing more than a confidence game – where people denote value to an asset based on faith. It is […]

Tesla Perma-Bull Digs in Heels on Stock Price Prediction of at Least $560

By CCN: Tesla’s stock is getting clobbered daily now that Wall Street has lost confidence in the ability of Elon Musk’s company to increase sales. But there’s one bull that’s swimming against the current, claiming that the market has got Tesla all wrong. Ark Invest’s Bold Tesla Stock Predictions Tesla bull Ark Invest reportedly holds […]

Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver Destroys Lightning Faithful Tone Vays in Debate

By CCN: Let me start by saying I’m undecided on the issue of blockchain scaling. I think both camps make valid points. The day that Bitcoin Cash launched was the logical resolution of a drawn-out war which would never have ended otherwise. Tone Vays Can’t Make Up His Mind That being said, I watched this […]

40,668 Times the Median Tesla Salary

By CCN: Tesla CEO Elon Musk is bringing home the bacon. So much bacon that his peers will have to settle for the scraps. According to the latest New York Times compensation report, Musk was the highest paid chief executive of 2018. And it wasn’t even close. The polarizing entrepreneur pulled in a whopping $2.3 […]

No, Forbes, Facebook’s Newly Detailed Not-So-Crypto is No Rival for Bitcoin

The launch of a crypto-like-currency by social media giant Facebook has been the topic of many discussions in the Bitcoin and digital asset space recently. However, little was known about it outside of the company developing a mysterious blockchain department and rumours about a WhatsApp-based digital coin being launched by the firm. According to a […]

Eric Swalwell’s Campaign Ad Is So Cringeworthy He Might Be a Genius

By CCN: Rep. Eric Swalwell, the Democratic presidential nominee you’ve probably never heard of, recently released a campaign video weird enough to make your junior high self cringe. The representative from California announced his intent to run for president in April and has gained some recent notoriety as one of only two candidates to accept […]

Bernie Sanders Slams Delta Air Lines on Pay, Company’s CEO Claps Back

By CCN: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is the poster child for the “Get Off My Lawn” cranky old man. He’s also a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist as well as a hypocrite and has no problem spreading lies to push his own agenda. Case in point: Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and eight other commie Senators sent […]

Bitcoin SV Pumps 125% as Calvin Ayre Runs Satoshi Victory Lap

By CCN: Bitcoin SV (BSV) more than doubled in price on Tuesday fresh off the back of confirmation that Craig S. Wright had registered Bitcoin copyright claims with the U.S. government. The 125% pump in BSV’s value may have been helped along (not a legal term) by Bitcoin SV cheerleader Calvin Ayre. The billionaire owner […]

John McAfee Living in a Constant State of Paranoia Launches Podcast

By CCN: Following John McAfee’s triumphant return to Twitter after a brief hiatus, the software mogul and his wife on Tuesday announced a new podcast about life on the run. What happened last week. pic.twitter.com/Z0HWHwpuxc — John McAfee (@officialmcafee) May 21, 2019 McAfee’s Life on the Run The outspoken bitcoin bull’s DGAF disposition. | Source: Giphy […]

Elon Musk Had to Snub Apple’s Buyout Bid Even if Tesla Is in Code Red

By CCN: When Tesla’s stock crashed below $200 this week after the company tumbled into a “code red,” many on Wall Street wondered if Elon Musk should’ve accepted Apple’s $240-a-share buyout offer from 2013. However, despite the horrendous week Tesla is having, Musk was right to stick by his guns. Elon Musk Institutes Emergency Cost-Cutting […]