Dow Teeters on Knife’s Edge as Trump’s Trade Crusade Hits Japan

By CCN: President Donald Trump flew to Tokyo today for high-stakes trade talks with Japan as stock market sentiment teeters on the brink of collapse. The maverick president’s erratic approach to international trade has taken a significant bite out of the Dow Jones (DJIA) over the last few weeks. Bulls will be desperate to see […]

Mike Novogratz Calls for Radical Weath Redistribution

By CCN: These days, billionaire hedge fund titan Mike Novogratz is known more for his rabid Bitcoin pumping than his Wall Street wizardry. However, in a new CNBC interview, he channeled his inner Bernie Sanders to champion another of his passions: wealth redistribution. Novogratz, Bernie, & AOC Find Surprising Common Ground During an appearance on […]

Dow Blasts Higher After Trump’s Trade War Boast Stuns Markets

By CCN: The Dow shot higher on Friday after President Trump stunned Wall Street with his prediction that the trade war would be resolved unbelievably quickly. However, as an increasingly-nationalist Beijing continues to strike an isolationist pose, is the White House fattening the stock market on a diet of false hopes ahead of a painful […]

Eric Swalwell’s Campaign Ad Is So Cringeworthy He Might Be a Genius

By CCN: Rep. Eric Swalwell, the Democratic presidential nominee you’ve probably never heard of, recently released a campaign video weird enough to make your junior high self cringe. The representative from California announced his intent to run for president in April and has gained some recent notoriety as one of only two candidates to accept […]

Bernie Sanders Bashes McDonald’s But His Wage Fight Has a Dirty Secret

By CCN: Socialist Grumpy Cat Bernie Sanders continued his foolish economic crusade for a $15 minimum wage, ginning up support at a series of Thursday rallies. Sanders turned his troll-eyes on McDonald’s this time, after previously haranguing Delta Air Lines, Disney, Amazon, General Motors, Wabtec, and Nissan about the minimum wage. Delta wasn’t going to […]

Dark-Horse Trump Rival Pumps Crypto, Aims to Make US a Bitcoin Nation

By CCN: Far from a first, California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell is accepting Bitcoin donations for his dark-horse bid to knock off Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. More significantly, the bombastic congressman wants to usher in a blockchain revolution after he vanquishes Trump from the White House. Altogether, Swallwell is accepting six cryptocurrencies. […]

Dow in Freefall as Terrifying 15-Year US-China Trade War Looms Large

By CCN: Dow Jones futures point to a calamitous open for the US stock market on Thursday. Reports out of China suggest that hopes of a trade deal are further away than anyone could have imagined: a terrifying 15 years. Chinese government researcher Zhang Yansheng said this morning that China and the US will be […]

Bernie Sanders Slams Delta Air Lines on Pay, Company’s CEO Claps Back

By CCN: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is the poster child for the “Get Off My Lawn” cranky old man. He’s also a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist as well as a hypocrite and has no problem spreading lies to push his own agenda. Case in point: Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and eight other commie Senators sent […]

Jussie Smollett Haunted by Scandal as Ex-Judge Targets Empire Star

By CCN: Oh, Jussie Smollett. Once again you are back in the headlines. If it’s fame you wanted, you certainly got it, but it’s probably not the fame you were dreaming about when you risked your career to perpetuate what appears to be a hate crime hoax. A former judge is now filing a motion […]

Jeff Daniels Skips Dumb, Heads Straight to Dumber in Anti-Trump Rant

By CCN: Just when you think Hollywood folks will come to terms with the fact they aren’t exactly beacons of intelligence, another has-been jumps up and takes the baton. The latest runner is actor Jeff Daniels, whose unhinged rant about President Trump saw him skip Dumb and head straight to Dumber. In a spiel that […]