Lightning Labs Releases Non Custodial App for iOS and Android

Lightning Labs has released their noncustodial mobile app, now available on the Bitcoin mainnet. The complexity of Lightning has been one of the most significant reasons for relatively low usage statistics. This is now a potentially broken barrier as the mobile apps were designed to be as simple as possible, cutting out most of the […]

Lightning Labs Mobile App Gets 2,000 Downloads in 24 Hours

San Francisco-based Lightning Labs, focused on a layered scaling solution for bitcoin, released its first mobile app on Wednesday. According to Lightning Labs application developer Tankred Hase, roughly 2,000 users downloaded the app across both iOS and Android. Both his inbox and the inbox of his colleague, developer Valentine Wallace, were flooded with support requests. […]

Live Streaming Startup YouNow Files SEC Filing for Compliant Token Earning for App Users

Live streaming startup YouNow, which created the decentralized digital video ecosystem Props in 2017 and is backed by Union Square Ventures, has filed a public offering with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for its Props token. The development was revealed in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on June 19. The YouNow […]

Lightning Labs Launches Lighting Mobile App for Bitcoin Micropayments on the Go

Lightning Labs has taken one step closer to bringing Lightning Network payments to mobile with the launch of the Lightning App for iOS and Android in alpha on the Bitcoin main net. It follows the recent launch of the Lightning App on desktop, bringing the total number of operating systems supported by the program to […]

Crypto App, Debit Card 2Gether Adds Dash to Roster of 9 Tokens

2gether, a European payment app allowing users to spend crypto via a Visa debit card, is adding dash to its list of supported coins. Launched in March and available in 19 countries of the European Union, 2Gether now supports nine tokens, including bitcoin, ether, XRP, bitcoin cash, EOS, Stellar, litecoin, QTUM and dash. Users can buy and […]

Breez Releases iOS App to Further Lightning Adoption

Breez, a non-custodial wallet solution for the Lightning network, has launched its app for iOS with the intention of offering their full stack of services to the masses. The company believes the Bitcoin network will draw the most mainstream adoption, and the Lightning Network is the best way to use BTC as money, June 17, […]

Breez Reveals Lightning-Powered Bitcoin Payments App for iPhone

Breez, a non-custodial wallet and payment platform, is launching its services for the iPhone. This is the first payment project built on Neutrino, a bitcoin lightning network client, according to the company announcement. Additionally, Breez has resolved the issue of how to dispute purchases and receive refunds, “so it’s suitable for every kind of purchase […]

Crypto Unicorn Circle Shutters Payment App to Focus on Stablecoins

By CCN Markets: Crypto unicorn Circle is shutting down its Circle Pay app in July to focus on stablecoins and developing new wallet services. The parent company of crypto exchange Poloniex made the surprise announcement on its website on June 13. Circle says now is the appropriate time to retire Circle Pay because fiat tokens […]

Circle Is Closing Its Mobile App, Circle Pay, This September

Circle announced Thursday it would be discontinuing its mobile app, Circle Pay. In a blog post, the company announced a multi-phase wind-down wrapping up on September 30, when remaining funds will be turned over to states or countries, in accordance with local laws. Starting on July 8, only withdrawals will be allowed on the app. […]

Circle to Close Its Payment App, Focus on New Financial Products

Peer-to-peer payments technology firm Circle is closing its payment app Circle Pay in order to develop new crypto financial services, according to an announcement published on June 13. Per the blog post, Circle will start terminating the operation of Circle Pay, a fiat money sending service with a social messaging component, from July 8, 2019, […]