Tezos Foundation Hires PwC Blockchain Expert Roman Schnider

Roman Schnider is the co-creator of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Switzerland’s blockchain initiative and is now reportedly joining the Tezos Foundation as CFO according to a post from the Foundation.  Foundation Board Strengthens Operations Team in Zug After having worked for 15 years at PwC in various roles including investment banking specialist and having launched the department […]

Tezos Foundation Snags Former PwC Blockchain Expert As CFO

Tezos Foundation, a non-profit, educational wing of the smart contract and Dapp platform, announced Roman Schnider, co-creator of PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland’s blockchain initiative, to supercede Eelco Fiole as Chief Financial Officer. Schnider’s appointment to the Zug based firm will begin summer 2019, about six months after investment executive and adjunct professor of financial ethics Fiole filled […]

Bitcoin Expert Jeff Garzik Exposes Crypto’s ‘Economic Paradox’

By CCN: Early Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik revealed what he believes is the most daunting challenge the flagship cryptocurrency faces today. He also chimed in on the “economic paradox” that threatens to stifle Bitcoin development. Bitcoin’s Biggest Hurdle? Scaling. Scaling. Scaling. Speaking in an exclusive interview with CCN, Jeff Garzik, who was one of Satoshi […]

Generation Bitcoin: 90% of Millennials Prefer Crypto to Gold: ETF Expert

By CCN: The US investing industry stands on the precipice of a dramatic upheaval that could see bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets replace gold in investor portfolios. That’s according to Nate Geraci, president of the ETF Store, an independent investment advisor. He revealed in a Bloomberg TV interview that his millennial clients are clamoring to […]

Bitcoin ETF Not ‘Imminent’ But Could Upend Crypto Market in 2019: Expert

By CCN: A bitcoin ETF does not wait on the immediate horizon, according to the managing director of ETF.com, Dave Nadig. A veteran of the exchange-traded fund market and an indexing expert, Nadig told CNBC’s Bob Pisani that a bitcoin ETF was not “imminent” but remained a strong possibility for 2019. Bitcoin ETF Not Imminent, […]

‘Expert’ Says Startups Should Go All-In on Blockchain

By CCN: Bernhard Schroeder, an educational director of entrepreneur programs at San Diego State, implores entrepreneurs and investors to focus on the blockchain, rather than Bitcoin. In a new editorial today in Forbes. Schroeder classifies Bitcoin as a speculative investment which may or may not work out long-term, but lauds the merits of blockchain, which […]

Expert Witness Testifies Against Craig Wright in $10 Billion Satoshi Lawsuit

By CCN.com: An expert witness has filed an affidavit in the Kleiman v. Wright case, which alleges that Craig Wright stole billions of dollars worth of bitcoins from Dave Kleiman either before or after he passed away. The Kleiman estate is seeking damages in the neighborhood of $10 billion. Wright is defending the case with […]

Microsoft Security Expert says Cyber Criminals now Targeting Korea

Microsoft Korea has urged individuals and businesses in the region to adequately protect their computers and other devices against new cyber attacks such as supply chain compromises, cryptojacking, and phishing attacks, by regularly backing up their data on cloud platforms and keeping security software as well as operating systems up to date, reports The Korea […]

Blockchain Expert Says China’s National Currency Could Become a Cryptocurrency

In an interview with Bloomberg on April 17, 2019, Donald Tapscott, executive chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute, said that China’s official currency, the renminbi (RMB) will soon become a cryptocurrency. Will China Digitize its National Currency? Blockchain Expert Says Yes Cryptocurrencies and China have had anything but a stable relationship. The Asian powerhouse currently […]

Official Chinese Currency Renminbi to Become Cryptocurrency, Expert Says

Donald Tapscott, executive chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute,  stated that the official Chinese currency, the renminbi (RMB), will become a cryptocurrency, in an interview with Bloomberg on April 17. In the interview, Tapscott revealed that he had recently been at a meeting with the vice-chairman of the Communist Party in China, who recalled that […]