Tesla’s Blockbuster 73% Sales Jump Fools Noone. It Changes Nothing.

By CCN: Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas buried the lede in remarks on Wednesday, in which he touted Tesla’s 73 percent year-over-year increase in US sales for the month of May. Don’t be fooled by spiking numbers Jonas noted that Tesla delivered 11,300 vehicles in May, which was 2.6 times the combined total of all […]

Elon Musk Bashes ‘Fool’s Errand’ Sensor Tech; Tesla Critics Clap Back

By CCN: Elon Musk and Tesla are betting big on self-driving cars. Musk’s critics, however, believe that his hatred for lidar (light detection and ranging) technology is misguided considering that these sensors are crucial to autonomous cars. Musk believes that the stock can soar to unseen heights once his grand plan to update Tesla cars […]

Responding to The Motley Fool’s Anti-Bitcoin Article

Mainstream media bashes bitcoin when it falls vigorously. And it bashes bitcoin when it rises powerfully. It even bashes bitcoin when the coin goes stable. In the end, they bash. The latest bitcoin price jump gave the mainstream media plenty of room to discredit the asset’s inorganic market moves. Joining the bash club latest was […]

Brexit and April Fool’s Joke Possible Catalysts for Crypto Rally, Crypto Reporter Says

Hong Kong-based crypto reporter Eric Lam believes nobody in the crypto industry has a good theory to explain the recent recovery of crypto markets. Lam shared his stance with Bloomberg on April 3. On Tuesday, April 2, shortly after the Asian markets opened, the price Bitcoin (BTC) unexpectedly rallied by 20 percent. Today the world’s […]

$100 Million Buyer, Asian Algos and April Fools’

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Bitcoin spike blamed on an April Fools joke — but that’s not why it rallied

Bitcoin wasn’t immune to April Fool’s Day jokes. One prank in particular got some credit for boosting the price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency. After bitcoin broke above $5,000 on Tuesday, its highest level of the year, some blamed trading algorithms designed to buy or sell based on news. As some speculated, robots triggered a […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Prices Explode after Fool’s Day with “Zero” Fundamentals

Bitcoin prices uptick, up 22 percent Fundamentals and analyst signal buy Mark Dow says Bitcoin (BTC) is buyable, and true to his word, it is. The coin is up 22 percent in the last week thanks to today’s upswing thrusting the asset above $4,500. With favorable candlestick arrangements, Bitcoin (BTC) will likely test $6,000 in […]

No, Bitcoin Didn’t Surge Because of a Stupid April Fool’s Joke

The 23 percent rally that sent the bitcoin price to its four-month high did not start with an April Fools’ Day joke. It is wise for analysts and financial professionals to look for clues behind any unnatural price action. It took bitcoin only one hour to break a plethora of strong resistance levels and claim […]

Was Crypto Clown Dogecoin’s 20% Pump a Dodgy April Fool’s Joke?

The crypto sphere was awash with gags on April Fool’s day, mostly from rival clans having a dig at each other. What would have been more serious is a manipulated pump for an altcoin and it just so happens that this appears to have occurred with crypto clown Dogecoin. A Dodgy Pump For Doge? After […]

3 Cringe-Worthy April Fools’ Day Jokes in the Cryptosphere

It’s April 1st, and the crypto space is again rife with April Fool’s jokes that could impact some coins’ trading values. Earlier today, CCN reported on some of 2019’s best pranks and one instance of a joke crypto rallying 20 percent. But could April Fools’ Day pranks have greater impact on crypto investors than the […]