Insane UN Study Claims Siri & Alexa Need a #MeToo Moment

By CCN: In what only be described as political correctness gone insane, the United Nations issued a ridiculous report that claims Siri and Alexa are victims of sexual harassment and should launch their own #MeToo crusade. Alexa #MeToo Report Is PC Culture Gone Mad The 145-page report, issued by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and […]

Bullish Hedge Funds Speculate on US Stock Market with an Insane Bet

By CCN: The number of U.S. hedge funds betting on more stock market volatility has reached lows not seen in months. Hedge funds and other investors speculate on volatility by purchasing Volatility Index options (VIX) from the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). Ironically the Volatility Index is looking pretty volatile itself. VIX flew up the […]

Snot-Nosed Kid’s Insane Boast Evokes Scary Memories of Bitcoin Bubble

By CCN: Erik Finman declared bitcoin “dead” less than six months ago. Now he says that anyone who buys and holds cryptocurrencies for the next 10 years has a good chance of becoming fabulously wealthy. The Confidence of Easy Money He “doubled down” on the statement to MarketWatch, saying that people who haven’t become billionaires […]

George Clooney Whines About Climate, Hides Insane Carbon Footprint

By CCN: There is nothing better or more laughable then Hollywood celebrity hypocrites. Case in point: George Clooney. Clooney loves to talk about the important issues of our day. He loves to virtue signal and wag his finger at people. He especially loves talking about climate change. George Clooney: Just Another Hollywood Hypocrite So what […]

Insane Tweet Exposes How Elon Musk & Tesla Hypnotize Investors

By CCN: Kevin Rooke, a financial commentator with a soft spot for bitcoin, tweeted something truly bizarre this week: Tesla appears overvalued if one views it as a car company but undervalued if one views it as a tech company. If you think Tesla is a car company, it appears overvalued. If you think Tesla […]

Billionaire Remains Bitcoin-Drunk Despite Crypto Firm’s Insane $272M Loss

By According to a Bloomberg report, billionaire investor Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Holding Ltd. lost more than $272 million in 2018 amidst an intense crypto bear market. From January to December 2018, the valuation of the crypto market dropped from $813 billion to $113 billion by 86 percent as the bitcoin price crashed from […]

Disney Heiress’ Critique of Bob Iger’s $65 Million ‘Insane’ Pay Rings Hollow

By CCN: Roy Disney’s granddaughter Abigail Disney described Disney CEO Bob Iger’s annual compensation package worth $65 million as “insane.” On the surface, this is an admirable sentiment when taking into account that low-paid employees working at the so-called ‘happiest place in the world’ often struggle to survive earning $15 per hour. The support of […]

EA’s Apex Legends Gets Insane 10 Million Players in 72 Hours, Can it Become Bigger than Fortnite?

Electronic Arts Inc. shares are rising, and it seems to be gaining lost grounds with its latest title, Apex Legends, amassing millions of players within a short period. Watch Apex Legends Gameplay Below + First Impressions The Canadian gaming giant saw its stock rise by 16 percent on Friday, after announcing that Apex Legends, it’s […]

SpaceX Layoffs Were Caused by ‘Absolutely Insane’ Projects, Admits Elon Musk

There aren’t many CEOs who can blame company layoffs on interplanetary space crafts and Space-based Internet. But then, there aren’t many CEOs like Elon Musk. During an investor call for Tesla on Wednesday, Musk argued that the SpaceX layoffs were completely different and due to his company’s ‘absolutely insane’ projects. SpaceX documentary actual footage […]