Canadian Pharmacy to Track Cannabis via Blockchain in New Pilot Program

Canadian pharmacy chain Shoppers Drug Mart has partnered with blockchain company TruTrace Technologies Inc. to launch a pilot program for cannabis supply chain tracking via blockchain, according to a report by Bloomberg on June 17. According to the report, this blockchain tracking system will be used to identify and track medical cannabis, with data included […]

Indian Government-Backed Program Offers Crypto and Blockchain Course

An Indian government-initiated program is offering a course for undergraduates to learn about cryptocurrency, blockchains, and their use cases. This 12-week interactive course is free to enroll and learn from. Among the topics covered are Bitcoin basics and consensus. Meanwhile, India’s regulatory framework for cryptocurrency is reportedly ready. Also read: Indian Cryptocurrency Regulation Is Ready, […]

University of British Columbia Adds Blockchain Program for Master’s and PhD Students

One of Canada’s leading research universities, the University of British Columbia, is launching a blockchain tech training path for graduate students. According to the UBC, the program is a first in Canada. The track will focus on four areas: health and wellness, clean energy, regulatory technology and issues for Indigenous residents, and will officially launch next […]

Coinbase Adds DAI as First Stablecoin in Crypto Exchange’s Earn Program

Coinbase is adding the ethereum stablecoin DAI to its Earn program. It’s the second addition to the crypto unicorn’s education initiative this month, following the announcement of EOS support on June 1. Earn allows Coinbase users to receive crypto in exchange for watching videos and completing quizzes about various protocols. DAI becomes the first stablecoin to […]

Coinbase Adds EOS to Its Crypto Education Rewards Program

The crypto curious can now get up to $10 in EOS tokens by watching videos on Coinbase Earn. “We think a large number of people will obtain crypto not by buying it or mining, but by earning it,” Balaji S. Srinivasan, the recently departed chief technology officer of Coinbase, said on behalf of his former employer […]

Crypto is Here to Stay? Microsoft Adds Bitcoin Symbol to its Excel Program

The Bitcoin symbol appears to have been added to Microsoft Excel. Users of the spreadsheet creation software will soon be able to include the Bitcoin symbol as a currency when recording financial data. The move is the latest sign from the giant tech firm that Bitcoin is more than just a passing fad. Interestingly, no […]

Netherlands-based Rabobank Steps Away from its Crypto Wallet Program

Dutch bank Rabobank that announced its plan to create a cryptocurrency wallet Rabobit in March last year is now stepping away from its plan due to the hindrance faced by the uncertain crypto regulations in the Netherlands. This according to The Next Web, May 23, 2019. Not the Right Time Soon after the announcement of […]

Lyft’s Car Rental Program Is a Sucker’s Bet for Drivers

By CCN: One of the earliest scams in the rideshare world was providing cars to drivers who didn’t have one or couldn’t afford one. It was particularly insidious early on because Uber was touting salaries of $96,000 a year for its drivers (which turned out to be nonsense). Yet the scam never really went away, […]

Coinbase’s Education Rewards Program ‘Earn’ Expands to Over 100 Countries

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has expanded its Earn program to 103 countries. Now users from the U.S., U.K., much of the EU, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Korea and Taiwan can sign up to earn cryptocurrency rewards for learning about the tech, Coinbase announced in a blog post on Friday. The full list of […]

Gnosis Launches Bug Bounty Program for DutchX

Gnosis (GNO) is running a bug bounty for recently revised smart contracts on their DutchX platform according to a blog post, May 06, 2019. There are three tiers of bounty; high ($10,000), ($5000), and low ($1000). The Magnolia (MGN) pool on DutchX will have $5000 of ETH and $5000 of GNO to incentivize people to […]