Next Bitcoin Bull Run Will Be First Cycle Supported By Established Financial Firms

During the last Bitcoin bull run and crypto hype bubble peak, the industry struggled to keep up with the overwhelming demand. Exchanges had no choice but to shut down new user registrations, and new user accounts began being sold on the black market for full Bitcoins as eager retail investors scrambled to buy into the […]

Bitcoin Stuck at $8,000; Will Institutions and Halving Run Up Send it Surging?

Since breaking the $8k barrier on May 14, Bitcoin has remained in this range for over a week. A short-lived correction sent it barreling back to $7k but a recovery came less than two days later after a certain high profile news outlet predicted a bigger dump. Counter Trade Indicator Says Buy CNBC’s Fast Money […]

Why The Next Bitcoin Bull Run Could Eclipse The Last Crypto Bubble

As the leading crypto by market cap dusts itself off and picks itself up following an 85% fall over the last two years, bullish sentiment and exuberance are once again surrounding Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market. With a bottom essentially confirmed, the price of Bitcoin has risen sharply due to FOMO. The […]

Bitcoin Awaits Big Bull Run as China Hits U.S. Back with New Tariffs

The bitcoin price surged 10 percent in the 24 hours and the sentiments are switching back to the buying side as tensions in the global markets escalate. The Chinese Finance Ministry announced Monday that it plans to raise tariffs on $60 billion worth of US imports. Beijing said they would increase duty tax on U.S. […]

Htc’s New $300 Smartphone ‘Exodus 1s’ Can Run a Full Bitcoin Node

By CCN: HTC plans to launch a second generation of the Exodus 1 blockchain smartphone by 2019, according to the company’s Chief Decentralized Officer Phil Chen. The upcoming Exodus 1s will provide more support for decentralized browsing, messaging, and social media apps (dapps). But that’s not all. The 2nd gen blockchain smart phone will also […]

HTC Says Its Next Smartphone Will Run a Full Bitcoin Node

Mobile phone manufacturer HTC wants to let its smartphone customers plug into the bitcoin blockchain. On Saturday, HTC revealed a new low-cost version of its blockchain phone, the EXODUS 1s, announcing that the device will be capable of acting as a full node for the bitcoin network, meaning customers will store the entire blockchain’s data […]

Analyst: Bitcoin Above $6,400 Confirms Real Bull Run, Volume Surges 3x

Bitcoin has been able to continue extending its upwards momentum and has firmly established its newfound position within the $6,000 region, nearly erasing all of the losses that were incurred in late 2018 after the cryptocurrency failed to find support around $6,400 and was sent spiraling downwards before it found support in the lower-$3,000 region. […]

Here’s Why Bitcoin Price is Looking at an Eye-Popping Bull Run

Hackers stole $40 million worth of bitcoin from one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges; the New York Attorney General sued a bitcoin exchange for allegedly hiding its insolvency; the Chinese government hinted that it would ban bitcoin mining operations. But none of these adverse events could stop the cryptocurrency from rising above $6,000. The BTC/USD […]

Malta’s Registry of Companies Set to Run on Blockchain-Based System

Malta’s Registry of Companies is going to be run on a blockchain-powered system, local news outlet the Malta Independent reported on May 8. The Registry of Companies is a public registry holding official information and documentation pertaining to new and existing companies. The agency demerged from the Malta Financial Services Authority’s (MFSA) and established itself […]

Bitcoin Miners Send Message at Fidelity: We Run on Clean Energy, Not Dirty Coal

Bitcoin miners made the case for their industry as a driver of clean energy adoption, rather than the ecological disaster depicted by critics, at Fidelity’s Mining Summit Friday. The venue for the daylong event was as notable as the talks. The Fidelity Center for Applied Technology, an R&D division that has dabbled in bitcoin mining, hosted […]