Tether Limited “Investing” in Bitcoin (BTC) is a Bullish Signal

Bitcoin (BTC) ranging but stable A portion of Tether reserves was used to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) Tether and iFinex, the parent company, are controversial though they play a crucial role in the ecosystem. Despite their claim that every USDT in circulation is pegged 1:1 against the USD, it appears that they are also investing […]

Bitcoin Price Chart: Technical Indicator Gives 5th Ever Parabolic Signal

While Bitcoin price is struggling with overhead resistance at the moment and taking a much needed breather from its bullish rally that began in early April with a $1,000 green candle, the cryptocurrency may have a lot more parabolic momentum left, according to one specific technical indicator. The technical indicator in question has just given […]

Dow Flinches After Chicago Fed Flashes Dangerous Recession Signal

By CCN: The Dow and broader U.S. stock market tumbled on Monday, as the combination of poor economic data, geopolitical tensions and a trade-war standoff with China kept investors out of riskier assets. Dow Struggles to Gain Footing; S&P 500, Nasdaq Falter All of Wall Street’s major indexes declined on Monday, mirroring a volatile pre-market […]

Crypto Trader, Tech CEO: This Indicator Could Signal a “Prolonged Bull Market”

The Bitcoin price has been doing rather well of late. The number one digital asset has surged more than 100 percent in 2019 alone and many crypto market analysts are calling for more upside to come. Crypto technical analyst and CEO of tech consultancy firm NodeSource, Joe McCann, is one such voice. He has highlighted […]

Crypto Analysts Call For the Death of Altcoins, But It Could Be a Lucrative Buy Signal

As Bitcoin continues to set new 2019 high after high, altcoins across the crypto market continue to bleed out, with many setting new lows relative to their BTC pairings. With sentiment surrounding altcoins reaching extreme lows, these price levels could present lucrative buying opportunities if Bitcoin can stabilize above $6,000. If the leading crypto by […]

Weekly Bitcoin Price Indicator Prints Strongest Bull Signal Since Early 2018

A technical indicator used to identify the momentum behind asset prices is registering its highest value since the beginning of 2018 when applied to bitcoin, a possible positive sign for the cryptocurrency’s market.  The relative strength index (RSI) takes into account the speed and change in price movements, i.e. momentum, to reveal when the trend […]

Analyst: Bitcoin’s Bullish Monthly Close May Signal That Parabolic Run is Imminent

April has proven to be a very positive month for the crypto markets, and Bitcoin’s ability to decisively surge into the $5,000 region without incurring any significant selling pressure has shifted the overall market sentiment to be slightly more bullish as many analysts expect BTC to see further gains in the near-future. One prominent analyst […]

Elon Musk Signal Boosts Ethereum, Elicits Quippy Response From Crypto Community

Talk about star power! On Monday afternoon, Elon Musk, an entrepreneur with the cult following of all cult followings, suddenly signal boosted the crypto space, dedicating an entire tweet to the word “Ethereum.” His intentions remain unclear. Funnily enough, this comes just days after Musk/his lawyers and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) settled […]

Could Growing Investments in Crypto Funds Signal Improving Fundamental Strength?

It’s no secret that many crypto investors are hanging their hopes on institutional and corporate investments as the next catalyst that will send the markets surging back towards, or past, their all-time-highs. Despite this, the 2018 market crash and ensuing bear market has tempered the speed at which these groups have entered the nascent markets, […]

Bitcoin Price Reaction to Tether Fiasco May Signal Strong Fundamental Strength

The crypto community was once again shaken earlier this week when news broke regarding the New York Attorney General’s (NYAG) office pursuing further investigative action into the controversial stable coin Tether and related crypto exchange Bitfinex. Concerns surrounding Tether have plagued the crypto markets for well over a year, but Bitcoin’s relatively small drop that […]