Indian Bitcoin Trader Commits Suicide Over Losses Trading Crypto for Local Officials

A Bitcoin trader from India has taken his own life after being threatened by senior police in relation to losses he incurred whilst trading crypto assets on their behalf. Bharat Patel hanged himself on Sunday, leaving a suicide note for his widow. In the note, Patel details how Chirag Savani, the Narmada police force’s Deputy […]

Indian Bitcoin Trader Hangs Himself, Blames Senior Indian Cop in Suicide Note

By CCN: A bitcoin trader in India’s Gujarat State has been pushed to suicide after incurring losses in a cryptocurrency investment he made on behalf of a senior police officer. According to Ahmedabad Mirror, the Bharat Patel hanged himself early Sunday. This was after Chirag Savani, a deputy superintendent of police, and his elder brother, […]

Crypto Trader, Tech CEO: This Indicator Could Signal a “Prolonged Bull Market”

The Bitcoin price has been doing rather well of late. The number one digital asset has surged more than 100 percent in 2019 alone and many crypto market analysts are calling for more upside to come. Crypto technical analyst and CEO of tech consultancy firm NodeSource, Joe McCann, is one such voice. He has highlighted […]

Altcoin Trader: Alt Bitcoin Bear Cycle Almost Over, 600% Gains During Bull Cycle Expected

While Bitcoin has the entire crypto world watching in shock and awe as the seemingly unstoppable rally continues, its crypto cousins in the altcoin market have only further dropped relative to their BTC ratio. However, according to previous altcoin/BTC bear cycles, an end to the carnage may be in sight. And once the bearish momentum […]

BitGo Hires Wall Street High-Frequency Trader as Head of Financial Services

Blockchain security and cryptocurrency custody firm BitGo has appointed a veteran Wall Street trader as its head of financial services, according to a press release published on May 9. The new hire, Nick Carmi, joins BitGo after a reported 25 years of experience as a financial executive. His most recent role was as Global Head […]

Bitcoin Price Will Hit $6,500-Mark in Near-Term: Veteran Commodity Trader

Bitcoin could undergo an immediate bearish correction, but it would eventually bounce back towards $6,500, according to Peter Brandt. The veteran commodity trader said Saturday that the bitcoin price was meeting its crucial resistance level near $5,745, as shown in the chart below. There was a strong probability of the asset undergoing a reversal, which loosely […]

This App Teaches You How to Become a Bitcoin Cash Trader

If you are new to the crypto space and want to learn more about trading there’s a useful app that focuses on one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Cash: Online Course gives you the basics and explains in detail the instruments that any successful trader should be using such as fundamental and technical analyses. […]

Bitcoin Exchange Suffers Trader Backlash Months After Suspicious ‘Fire’

By CCN: A crypto trader provided CCN with documents proving that he has lost around 43 Ether all told after depositing it on BiteBTC on Christmas Eve. As we previously reported, the Bitcoin exchange claimed a fire wrecked its servers, but the exchange claimed crypto wallets were safe. Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire Nearly every […]

Stock Market Will Plunge 25% if Joe Biden Vanquishes Trump: Trader

By CCN: Will you or an S&P 500 index fund investor you love retire within the next decade? Blessed with a beefy 401(k) and hope for continued stock market growth to keep it that way? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you might want to start volunteering for Donald Trump’s 2020 […]

Trump’s FinCEN Pirates Extort $35,000 from Old-Fashioned Bitcoin Trader

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