Dark-Horse Trump Rival Pumps Crypto, Aims to Make US a Bitcoin Nation

By CCN: Far from a first, California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell is accepting Bitcoin donations for his dark-horse bid to knock off Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. More significantly, the bombastic congressman wants to usher in a blockchain revolution after he vanquishes Trump from the White House. Altogether, Swallwell is accepting six cryptocurrencies. […]

Tabloid Columnist Wants Trump to Investigate ‘Bitcoin Manipulation Madness’

By CCN: Barely a week after New York Post columnist John Crudele crudely predicted that Bitcoin will soon be worth zero, the tabloid journalist has once again muddied the waters by calling on governments to launch a ‘massive investigation’ on ‘Bitcoin manipulation madness’. Bitcoin manipulation madness calls for massive investigation https://t.co/Opl7PO7C90 pic.twitter.com/5mbLVy5ef0 — New York […]

Dow Booms After Trump Admin Flip-Flops on Ruthless Huawei Blacklist

By CCN: The Dow raced toward recovery on Tuesday after the Trump administration caved to pressure to moderate its hardline stance on Chinese tech giant Huawei. However, as trade tensions grow increasingly fraught, investors should question the long-term health of the stock market. Dow Plots 150 Point Rebound All of Wall Street’s major indices surged […]

Obama Hack Judge Rules Trump Must Deliver Private Financial Records

By CCN: In a brazen but unsurprising move last week, Democrats issued a subpoena to accounting firm Mazars USA for eight years’ worth of Donald Trump’s financial records. It should thus come as no surprise that Barack Obama judicial appointee U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta refused to grant Donald Trump’s request that the subpoena be […]

Bernie Sanders Picks a Fight with Trump in an Attempt to Stay Relevant

By CCN: Is Bernie Sanders fighting a losing battle? The Vermont Senator entered the 2020 presidential race in February, marking his second attempt at attaining White House glory. For more than a month, the 77-year-old Democratic socialist appeared to be leading the race for his party’s nomination… That is until Joe Biden announced his campaign […]

Trump Twitter Tantrum Could Trigger 20% Stock Market Crash

By CCN: The Obama administration pioneered the use of social media to engage directly with the American public, but President Trump’s unprecedented Twitter antics have proven that social media can manipulate the stock market just as much as it can be used to sway the mythical undecided voter. Since taking office in 2017, Donald Trump […]

Dow Plummets After Trump Shocks Wall Street with Bombshell Iran Threat

By CCN: The Dow slumped toward another painful loss on Monday after President Trump shocked Wall Street by threatening to launch an aggressive military assault on Iran. Dow Endures Painful Nosedive All three major US stock market indices endured steep losses at the opening bell. As of 9:35 am ET, the Dow Jones Industrial Average […]

Dow Gloom Darkens after ‘Very Happy’ Trump Brags China Tariffs in Billions

By CCN: U.S. President Donald Trump firmly stated his administration will not allow China to emerge as the global superpower and overtake the U.S., indicating that his administration will not compromise to reach a partial trade deal which may have an adverse effect on the Dow and the equities market. Speaking to Steve Hilton on […]

Tesla Stock Plunges 22% in 1 Month as Trump Trade Fallout’s Biggest Loser

By CCN: In less than one month, the share price of the Tesla stock has dropped from $273 to $211 by more than 22.7 percent following the fall out of recent trade discussions. While Tesla bulls remain optimistic about the long-term prospect of the firm, some strategists are concerned about the cash flow of the […]

Letterman Slams ‘Goon’ Trump, Saves Biggest Barb for MAGA Haters

By CCN: In an upcoming interview on Sunday Today, former Late Show host David Letterman slammed Donald Trump. But he thinks the MAGA haters who spend all their time complaining about the president’s Twitter antics should “stop yacking.” David Letterman: President Trump Doesn’t Represent Me   In a teaser clip of the interview, Letterman […]